Dental Veneers

Improve your smile with ultra thin veneers.

A Beautiful, flawless, and bright smile can transform our personality and build our confidence. People can have life-changing experiences after fixing and correcting some flaws in their teeth.


If you’re looking for an attractive and radiant smile, porcelain veneers are the solution. They are ultra-thin laminates placed over the front part of the tooth to recreate a youthful and natural-looking smile. We use the highest quality of porcelain veneers which remains intact for more than a decade if you maintain good oral health. They can be used to enhance the size, shape, color and position of your teeth.


At Lau Dental Clinic & Surgery, our dentists work closely with our ceramists and provide the best treatment of dental veneers in Dubai to give you a smile you can be proud of.

Highlights of Veneers

Teeth Discoloration that is unresponsive to Whitening

Fractured or Worn Teeth

Minor Crooked or Irregularly Shaped Teeth

Gaps between the teeth